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Emma Currie is painter and illustrator living and working in Melbourne, Australia. Emma’s distinctive style explores both abstraction and figurative motifs through the use of geometric colour blocking. Through carefully thought out compositions, she depicts the female form in scenes that are both fluid and contained, seeking to celebrate and explore the ever evolving concept of modern womanhood.


2022      Between Painters - Backwoods Gallary, Fitzroy

2022      Locals — Outré Gallery, Fitzroy

2021      Venus in Repose (Solo show) — TDF Collect, Collingwood

2021      Get a Load of This! - Daniel Raphael Gallery London 

2021      Locals — Outré Gallery, Fitzroy

2020     I’ve Missed You, But Not That Much (Solo show) — TDF Collect, Collingwood

2019      Art&Artefact — The Design Files end of year group exhibition, Collingwood

2019      Seedbed of Self — Marfa Gallery, Abbotsford

2018      Art Exhibition and Acquisition Program — Hall and Wilcox, Melbourne

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